We Are East Wind Dental Care

A modern dental clinic in Hillsboro, specialized in advanced diagnostics and treatment of dental disorders. We provide comprehensive diagnostic and offer various forms of dental care, dental surgical procedures, and cosmetic dental services in Hillsboro OR.


Dr. Yuria Manabe

Dr. Manabe started East WInd Dental Care. Hillsboro dentist and aloha dentist.

Dr. Ostovar

Dr. Ostovar Joined, Dental Hillsboro, East wind Dental Care. Providing Dental care to families. Dr. Ostovar is a dentist in Hillsboro.

Dr. Dhadli

Dr. Dhadli joined East Wind Dental Care as your Hillsboro Dentist. Dr. Dhadli practices modern dental in Hillsboro.

Sleep apnea services

providing sleep apnea appliances in Hillsboro with both Dr. Ostovar and Dr. Dhadli.
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