Dr. Dhali received his Dental Degree at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio. He is board-certified in both the U.S and Canada and has practiced in Oregon for 19 years. For the past 19 years, he likes to hike and bike the North West trails and parks, as well as doing some landscape photography. He is proficient in all aspects of General Dentistry and able to provide services to all age groups. Friendly and courteous, make's patient concern's priority. Dr. Dhadli practices dentistry with your Best Hillsboro Dental, East WInd Dental Care.


Dr. Ostovar believes that a healthy body is a healthy smile. Dr. Ostovar cares about your overall health, from your teeth to your toes!
Dr. Ostovar provides from pediatrics to general and cosmetic dentistry in Hillsboro Oregon. Dr. Ostovar goal is to provide excellent care and services for his patients. Dr. Ostovar continuously educates himself in the latest dental therapies and techniques.
Having a good experience is very important to Dr. Ostovar. Dr. Ostovar makes sure that your experience is comfortable, fun, and rewarding! Dr. Ostovar practices at East Wind Dental Care in Hillsboro. Oregon, which is a convenient location for those needing a dentist in Hillsboro. Oregon, making it easier for the whole community to have access to a dentist near Hillsboro. Oregon!