Hillsboro Pediatric Dentistry

According to the American Dental Association and our hillsboro pediatric dentistry goal, a child’s first dental exam with a pediatric dentist (Hillsboro pediatric dentist) should happen soon after the first baby tooth comes in, or by the time the child turns 1 year old. Even though baby’s first teeth are temporary, getting an early start on excellent dental hygiene practices will help your child enjoy good oral health for life. Our Hillsboro Pediatric Dentistry is committed to providing our young patients with the best possible dental care in a comfortable and inviting setting.

Pediatric Dentistry

What Is a Children’s Dentist?

A children’s dentist specializes in dentistry that focuses on providing gentle and compassionate dental care to children from infancy through adolescence. At East Wind Dental Care, Hillsboro children’s dentist Dr. Merat Ostovar understands the unique needs of young, vulnerable primary (baby) teeth and how best to preserve your child’s oral health as they grow and develop.

Child development and psychology are key components of children’s dentistry. Hillsboro pediatric dentist, creates an environment that is warm, fun, and inviting for little ones, and he knows how to provide treatments in a way that helps children avoid developing dental phobias, so they can look forward to their regular visits to our office.

Pediatric Dentistry Treatments

At East Wind Dental Care, fostering trust with children at an early age, while helping them develop excellent at-home oral hygiene habits, is our primary goal. Our children’s dentistry practice encompasses a broad base of services and treatments that allows Dr. Ostovar, and hillsboro pediatric dentist, to help care for and maintain your child’s oral health as they grow and develop. These include:

  • Infant oral health exams
  • Digital x-rays and cleanings
  • Sealants
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Diagnosis and safe treatment of dental disorders
  • At-home dental care education
  • Orthodontic evaluation
  • Care for dental injuries

Starting regular checkups early in your child’s life allows us to catch decay and signs of gum disease before they become serious, so we can correct any underlying hygiene issues and prevent problems. As your child grows, we (hillsboro pediatric dentistry) can provide treatments such as sealants to protect new, vulnerable permanent teeth from decay, as well as mouth guards to protect the teeth of your budding sports enthusiast. We can also identify and address potential orthodontic problems before they evolve into bigger money- and time-consuming issues.



Q: “Does my child need to see a children’s dentist regularly?

A: Yes. You dentist regularly, and so should your child. Regular visits to a children’s dentist, Hillsboro pediatric dentist, can help your little ones avoid the pain and discomfort caused by cavities and decay, and can help them establish good oral hygiene habits that will help maintain excellent lifelong oral health. Seeing a Hillsboro dentist will help your child to maintain healthy teeth. East wind Dental care provide pediatric dentistry hillsboro oregon.

Q: “How often should my child visit the children’s dentist?

A: According to the American Academy of Hillsboro Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), your child should see a children’s dentist ( Hillsboro Pediatric Dentistry), Hillsboro pediatric dentist, at least twice a year, starting six months after the first tooth emerges.

Q: “When will my baby start getting teeth?

A: Teeth begin to emerge between the ages of 6 months and 10 months. The two front-lower incisors usually break through first.

Our Hillsboro dental is known as Best Pediatric Dentists in Hillsboro, OR. East Wind Dental Care provides Hillsboro pediatric Dentistry. Trust your child’s smile to the skilled hands at The Dentists at Orenco in Hillsboro for Kids. To ensure that your child is well on the way to enjoying a lifetime of excellent oral health, call (503) 614-0198 to schedule your child’s next exam with Dr. Ostovar , your Hillsboro children’s dentist. our hillsboro pediatric dentistry office accepts many dental insurances such as CIGNA, DELTA DENTAL, METLIFE, BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD, and AETNAdental insurance.

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